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Huntingdon MP lends his support to campaign

Jonathan Djanogly MPThe Friends of the Cromwell Museum are delighted to report that Jonathan Djanogly MP, the Member of Parliament for the Huntingdon Constituency, has today lent his support to the campaign.

Mr Djanogly said:

“Given the importance of the legacy of Oliver Cromwell to Huntingdonshire, it is unconscionable that we lose Huntingdon’s Cromwell Museum.  I am absolutely committed to retaining this historical gem that is so important for recognition of past history and future tourism and education and I would urge you to sign the relevant petition(s) as soon as possible.”

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition(s) so far.  The SurveyMonkey petition, launched in early December, is now very close to 1,000 signatures and in the four days since the launch of the Cambridgeshire County Council ePetition, 165 people have already signed.  If you haven’t already done so, here are those all-important petition links again. 

Do you live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire?
Then please sign the CCC ePetition here:
And the second petition here:

I do not live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire but I do want to
express my concern about the proposed closure of the Museum:
Please add your name here:

You can visit Jonathan Djanogly’s constituency website here:



A tale of two petitions: part II

The second of our e-petitions is now open and receiving signatures!

This petition is to Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) using the authority’s own ePetitions facility. The number of signatures received will determine how it is dealt with by the Council. Over 50 signatures and we can speak directly to either the Cabinet member with responsibility for this area of service, or to a meeting of the Cabinet or relevant committee. If over 3,000 signatures are recorded we can ask for it to be debated at a meeting of full Council.

If you live, own a business, work or attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire, you are able to sign the CCC ePetition.  When you sign the CCC ePetition, please enter the address which links you to Cambridgeshire, be that your residence, business, place of employment, school or college.

The other e-petition (hosted at SurveyMonkey) has already received a fantastic response. Thank you very much if you have already signed it.  This petition will be presented as evidence of the strength of feeling both within, and outside, the county about the proposal to withdraw funding from the Cromwell Museum.  If you are unable to sign the CCC ePetition because you do not meet the criteria, but still care about the issue, then please sign the SurveyMonkey petition.  Both petitions are important to the campaign.

In this tale of two petitions, you may be asking yourself the question “but which petition should I sign?”

If you live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire….

…then please sign the CCC ePetition here:
…and the SurveyMonkey petition here:

If you do not live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire but do want to express your concern about the proposed closure of the Museum…

…please add your name here:

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting the campaign so far, by signing the petitions, writing letters and emails, following us on Twitter and sharing the news of the campaign far and wide.