What you can do

The Friends of the Cromwell Museum and the Cromwell Association are working together to make sure that their concerns about the future of the Museum are heard, but it is important that as many other people as possible voice their concerns as well.

Here are some things you could do to show your support for the campaign to keep this Museum open.

Sign our petitions

There are now two petitions open against the closure of the Cromwell Museum.

One petition is to Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) using the authority’s ePetitions facility. The number of signatures received will determine how it is dealt with by the Council. Over 50 signatures and we can speak directly to either the Cabinet member with responsibility for this area of service, or to a meeting of the Cabinet or relevant committee. If over 3,000 signatures are recorded we can ask for it to be debated at a meeting of full Council.

The other petition will be presented as evidence of the strength of feeling both within, and outside, the county about the proposal to withdraw funding from the Cromwell Museum.

Both petitions are important.

If you live, own a business, work or attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire, you are able to sign both petitions.  When you sign the CCC ePetition, please enter the address which links you to Cambridgeshire, be that your residence, business, place of employment, school or college.

If you are unable to sign the CCC ePetition because you do not meet the criteria, but still care about the issue, then please sign the second petition.

Do you live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire?
Then please sign the CCC ePetition here:
And the second petition here:

I do not live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire but I do want to express my concern about the proposed closure of the Museum:
Please add your name here:

Write to the Councillor responsible for this area of service

You can write to, or email, the member of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet responsible for this area of service, and copy it to the Chief Executive of the County Council.

The Cabinet member is Councillor David Harty (david.harty@cambridgeshire.gov.uk), and the Chief Executive is Mark Lloyd (mark.lloyd@cambridgeshire.gov.uk) and the mailing address for both is:

Cambridgeshire County Council
Shire Hall
CB3 0AP.

It would also be very helpful for us here at the campaign if you could copy in our email address (savethecromwellmuseum@gmail.com) so that we know how many comments have been submitted.

If you live in Cambridgeshire, lobby your own County Councillor

If you are a Cambridgeshire resident you can also lobby your own County Councillor, by either contacting them separately, or copying them into your email or letter to David Harty. To find out who your County Councillor is and how they can be contacted visit: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/cmswebsite/apps/committees/members.aspx

Use the Shape Your Place website

Make your concerns known on the County Council web site Shape Your Place – see the current thread at:

It is vital that concerns are raised as soon as possible.  The next critical date is the meeting of the Cabinet on 14th January 2014.

Please also sign up to follow this blog where campaign updates and news will be posted regularly. If you do not already use WordPress, you can sign up to receive email notifications when content on this blog is updated by entering your address where it says FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL in the menu on the right hand side of this page.


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