Waking up to Cromwell

Listeners to BBC Cambridgeshire’s breakfast show this morning heard an impassioned plea from the vice-chairman of Huntingdon and Godmanchester Civic Society, Richard Meredith, that the Museum should be maintained.

Mr Meredith pointed out the significance both of Oliver Cromwell himself and the Museum to Huntingdon. 

Thank you for the support  – it really is vital that as many people as possible help to get the message across. Please visit the ‘What you can do’ page to see how you can get involved.


9 thoughts on “Waking up to Cromwell

    1. savethecromwellmuseum Post author

      Thanks for visiting the website. Oliver Cromwell was (and is) an intensely controversial figure and this is an issue that the Cromwell Museum does not avoid. The Save the Cromwell Museum Campaign believes that historical debate is a good thing.

  1. Mr Robert Hunt

    I live in Dorset,and visit the Cromwell Museum as often as i can to see Its Exhibitions and to see its latest acquisitions, a fantastic museum of national importanceThe staff do a great job educating young and old about a man that was recently nationally voted on tv as one of the nations top ten geatest men in Britain.It would be a disgrace to this countrys heritage if it closed for the trivial money it would save. I bet it generates far more for the county than its costs to run.

  2. Simon Williams

    The frustrating thing for me about this proposal is that there is so little time. Why did the council not make the announcement 3 or 4 years in advance to give more time to develop alternative options? Nevertheless it is vitally important that all options are investigated as rapidly as possible now in order to preserve this unique collection for the nation. Is anyone doing this? For example, would another museum be willing to take on the museum as a subsidiary? Would any type of grant funding be available? Could it be set up as a charitable trust? What is the business case for and against introducing an admission charge, or a much stronger encouragement for visitors to make a donation? Could a larger retail offer be developed to help increase revenue? What about using the museum as an unusual events space for businesses?

  3. Ian Gosling

    Would the council even consider closing the museum if it was in Cambridge? I doubt it. To put things in perspective the closure would save about £20000 – that’s about 2.5p for every Huntingdonshire resident. So why doesn’t Huntingdon District Council take over the museum? I’m sure that a saving could be found to cover the cost – maybe each of our councillors could give up 10% of their inflated expenses and allowances to protect our heritage.


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