Don’t forget to sign our e-petition!

Our e-petition is open and receiving ‘e-signatures’ here:

The petition will take just moments to complete – all we need is your name, email address and postcode.  We’re collecting postcodes so we can demonstrate to Cambridgeshire County Council that people who live both in and beyond the county value the Cromwell Museum and wish to keep it open.

Once you have signed the petition, it would be fantastic if you could share the link with your friends and family, asking them to sign too.

If you use Twitter, you can sign up to follow the campaign @SaveCromwellMsm – see the Twitter widget on the right hand side of this page.


1 thought on “Don’t forget to sign our e-petition!

  1. Richard Baskeyfield

    Trying to sign your petition ! Wishing you all the best to stay open as how we treat museums is a mark of how our society is like how we treat alot of things , not very well in our country today ! Happy 2014 !


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