Huntingdon MP lends his support to campaign

Jonathan Djanogly MPThe Friends of the Cromwell Museum are delighted to report that Jonathan Djanogly MP, the Member of Parliament for the Huntingdon Constituency, has today lent his support to the campaign.

Mr Djanogly said:

“Given the importance of the legacy of Oliver Cromwell to Huntingdonshire, it is unconscionable that we lose Huntingdon’s Cromwell Museum.  I am absolutely committed to retaining this historical gem that is so important for recognition of past history and future tourism and education and I would urge you to sign the relevant petition(s) as soon as possible.”

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition(s) so far.  The SurveyMonkey petition, launched in early December, is now very close to 1,000 signatures and in the four days since the launch of the Cambridgeshire County Council ePetition, 165 people have already signed.  If you haven’t already done so, here are those all-important petition links again. 

Do you live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire?
Then please sign the CCC ePetition here:
And the second petition here:

I do not live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire but I do want to
express my concern about the proposed closure of the Museum:
Please add your name here:

You can visit Jonathan Djanogly’s constituency website here:



1 thought on “Huntingdon MP lends his support to campaign

  1. Eugenia Kozlova

    I think it is outrageous that somebody is trying to close this museum and destroy the legacy of such great person as OLiver Cromwell. He is my personal hero and as a journalist and an author I write about him with great pleasure. I write in Russian as i am Russian though I live in US.


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