Cromwell Museum Management Committee – report of meeting

The Friends were represented at the Cromwell Museum Management Committee, which took place on Tuesday 7th January.

The case for withdrawing funding was put by the Cabinet Member David Harty and the Head of Service, Christine May. It was clear in response to questions from both the Friends representative and the Local History Society representative that there was no thought-through alternative to shutting the door on the Museum if no alternative provider comes to the rescue.

The Committee learnt that an externally funded review of the viability of and options for devolving governance away from the Council was about to be commissioned, with a reporting date of 25th April.  This is after the key dates of the Cabinet meeting next week and the meeting of Full Council on 18th February. For this reason it is critical that pressure is maintained and as many people sign both petitions if eligible, or the Survey Monkey one if from outside the county.  The Friends strongly feel that no decision on the future of the Museum should be taken until that review has been received and considered.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign so far. Please continue to spread the word about the threat to the Museum and the two petitions.

If you live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire….

…then please sign the CCC ePetition here:
…and the SurveyMonkey petition here:

If you do not live/own a business/work/attend a school or college in Cambridgeshire but do want to express your concern about the proposed closure of the Museum…

…please add your name here:


2 thoughts on “Cromwell Museum Management Committee – report of meeting

  1. Barry Fyfield

    I have sent e-mails to Mike Shellens and Graham Wilson inviting them to respond to my queries which were ‘I should like to know your personal position and that of your party in terms of saving the Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon. Are you prepared to fight to maintain this unique heritage for Huntingdon through council funding?’ I sent the e-mails on 8th January but have yet to receive a reply.

  2. E. Reilly

    Similar situation with me.
    On Thu 9th Jan, I emailed David Harty and Mark Lloyd, plus my local councillors, Sid Akthar, Stephen Greenall and Mike Shellens.
    It is now 12th Jan and not even an automated acknowledgement.


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